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The Team

Vicki Abraham (Managing Director / OT)

Vicki Abraham saw a huge need for additional community based OT sessions back in 1999 in order to provide OT services to people out in the community without them having to wait at least 6 months for this service. With this in mind she began treating people within their own environments, ensuring that they did not have a lengthy wait. As this need increased over time so did the type and level of service being provided. Vicki decided that it was time to stop being a sole practitioner and opened a practice of community OTs in order to provide the services required in the wider community.

Vicki has been awarded the 2013 George Alexander Foundation Fellowship under the guidance of the International Specialised Skills Institute. This will allow Vicki to further her knowledge in CI Therapy and other upper limb rehab therapies in order to be able to provide such therapies in the new AOTS clinic.



Kelli Balloch (Admin)

Kelli has had experience within various administration roles.  She brings her administration knowledge and her passion for people together by supporting all AOTS staff and clients daily.  Kelli is on the other side of the phone ready to answer any questions you might have regarding our services and staff.






Laura CroLaura - Abraham Occupational Therapy Staff Imagewther (OT)

Laura joined AOTS in 2013 when she relocated from the United Kingdom. Laura has worked as a community OT within a social care setting for a number of years in the UK. She has gained experience working with clients of varying levels of disability and needs. Laura enjoys working within the community setting and she is passionate about helping people to achieve their goals.


Ellen Delaney (OT)

Ellen’s interest lies in neurological rehabilitation within a community setting.  She understands the importance of assisting people within their natural environments.  Ellen has worked within acute setting in the UK which has provided her with experience across a number of specialities.  Ellen is extremely passionate about assisting people to reach their goals.


Blaine Francis (OT)

Blaine is a very committed OT and is a firm believer of supporting people within their natural environment.  Blaine has had experience in acute and community settings.  He has a great interest in physical based OT, particularly hand and upper limb rehabilitation.  Blaine has also had experience within the mental health sector and incorporates his knowledge from this setting with his passion for community based OT.


Rachel Ng (OT)

Rachel brings her knowledge for community OT through private practice.  Rachel is very passionate about providing client centered interventions.  She has vast experience with equipment prescription, home modifications, as well as carer training.  Rachel knows the importance of increasing people’s independence while maintaining their safety.



Kate Thomson (OT)

Kate has years of experience working within the community setting within the UK.  Kate’s passion lies with providing rehabilitation for clients with neurological conditions.  Kate has focused on ADL retraining, equipment prescription, return to work and cognitive assessments.  She also has experience in upper limb rehabilitation within the neurological rehabilitation setting.