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An Introduction to Upper Limb Rehabilitation Workshop 26th May 2015

AOTS in conjunction with OT Australia are presenting a Workshop on Tuesday 26th May 2015
An Introduction to Upper Limb Rehabilitation

Session outline:

This workshop is aimed towards therapists and students who have little or no knowledge of upper

limb rehab. It will give participants a solid introduction to upper limb rehabilitation. This session will incorporate both the assessment process as well as the treatment of upper limbs. There will be both theory and hands-on components within the workshop.

Standardised tests such as the 9 hole peg test, ARAT, Wolf Motor Function Test will be
demonstrated. Techniques for measuring active and passive movement will also be included. All

participants will have the opportunity to practice using the assessments and measuring techniques on each other. Goal setting as a part of the assessment process will be discussed in detail.

Techniques for upper limb treatments will then be addressed. Topics such as the importance of
hand mobilization, spasticity and stretching, how the trunk impacts upper limb function, the need
for homework, maintaining client motivation and turning therapy into functional activities will be

discussed. Again participants will have the opportunity to practice techniques demonstrated.

By the end of the workshop participants will feel confident to complete standardized assessments
and will be able to set realistic goals with clients related to upper limb function. Participants will

have a base knowledge of treatment techniques and the importance of treating the client as a whole in order to increase upper limb function.

On completion of this workshop participants interested in extending their knowledge further

would have the opportunity to attend a more advanced workshop later in 2015.

Lunch will be provided.


Vicki Abraham (Managing Director / OT)

Vicki Abraham saw a huge need for additional community based OT sessions back in 1999 in order to provide OT services to people out in the community without them having to wait at least 6 months for this service. With this in mind she began treating people within their own environments, ensuring that they did not have a lengthy wait. As this need increased over time so did the type and level of service being provided. Vicki decided that it was time to stop being a sole practitioner and opened a practice of community OTs in order to provide the services required in the wider community.

Vicki has been awarded the 2013 George Alexander Foundation Fellowship under the guidance of the International Specialised Skills Institute. This will allow Vicki to further her knowledge in CI Therapy and other upper limb rehab therapies in order to be able to provide such therapies in the new AOTS clinic.

*Please bring a goniometer, if you have one.

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