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Sports Rehabilitation


Developed initially for use in Outer space, the Vacusport is a device for carrying out intermittent negative pressure therapy on the lower body. It is a rehabilitation and sports recovery device to optimise and to accelerate regeneration and rehabilitation in athletes. It is aimed at improving circulation of the lower body, vascular training and targeted removal of venous and waste products which is carried by the lymphatic system.

How it works

The physical principle of the VACUMED® – therapy is the intermittent impinging of the body with negative pressure (Vacuum).

  • Capillary dilatation
  • Capillarisation
  • Improvement of the perfusion in the periphery and muscular system (micro perfusion)

In comparison to negative pressure phases, the normal pressure phases (atmospheric pressure) lead to:

  • Increase of venous reflux
  • Activation of lymphatic flow / lymphatic drainage
  • Increased removal of waste products like Lactate and Creatine-Kinease

Diego – A mechanical robotic arm & shoulder device

Using robotics and virtual reality therapy helps clients with the often difficult training during injury recovery time. In order to regain lost arm function, or to prevent loosing arm function and strength, exercising the limb must continue while recovering in order to get the best and quickest recovery outcome possible.

How it works

Diego, the world’s first robotic device to use Intelligent Gravity Compensation (IGC), allows passive, assistive or active therapy of the upper limb. IGC removes the weight of the client’s arm allowing movements to occur which might have been too difficult with the force of gravity.

The Diego can assist with ensuring movement continues, even if restricted, after shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff tears to ensure that the shoulder does not become frozen from non-use.

Return to active training, and therefore playing competitively is sped up as no range of function is lost during the recovery period.